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We Miss Our BHS Students!
Episode 1

Zoom Meeting Times 

1st Block-8:30
2nd Block-10:30
3rd Block-12:00
4th Block-2:00

1st Block-10:30
2nd Block-11:30
3rd Block-12:30
4th Block-1:30

*Teachers will be available through Zoom to answer questions, clarify instructions, give examples, etc.  These sessions are voluntary for the students. Teachers will be utilizing Google Classroom to post assignments, podcasts of lessons, etc. These lessons/ assignments are required.*
**Monday, March 23rd is a Purple Day.**

This even is Postponed.
Mattress Fundraiser

This event is Postponed.

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BHS Picture Day was August 21st 
BHS order code: 40581MB
Re-take day is Wednesday, September 25th
To order online, please click here
Re-take order code:  41352YB

Blair Paw
BHS School Hours

First Bell 8:00
Block 1--8:10-9:39
Block 2--10:22-11:51
Block 3--11:57-1:56
Block 4--2:02-3:30

PLC Friday
(Students can enter the building  starting at 9:15)
First Bell 9:40
Block 1--9:50-11:03
Block 2--11:09-12:22
Block 3--12:28-2:11
Block 4--2:17-3:30

NuTech Classes Create Virtual Tour of BHS

 Blair Paw
Virtual Tour

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